If you run affiliate websites or plan to build them, you need to know a few important facts about the hosting industry that most companies won’t tell you even though it can harm your online affiliate business. Learn how to overcome this problem to get blazing-fast WordPress sites…

When someone is getting started with affiliate marketing and building their first website, it can be really tempting to buy a cheap, budget shared hosting account that can often cost as low as $2.95 per month, but hosting companies have to provide really slow and overloaded servers to offer rates that low.

As a webmaster, this should matter to you because a cheap, slow hosting account will make your websites slow, and slow websites are doomed for failure for multiple reasons.

Many studies have shown that your website visitors are much more likely to leave your site if it is slow to load, and that they’ll spend more time on your site if it loads quickly.

Most first-time website builders will want to create a fancy, flashy site, but think about the websites for many major corporations like Google – they’re very simple and very fast to load.

If someone tries to visit your site and it takes forever to load, they’ll just close their browser and try another site.

Site visitors that are interested in purchasing something on your website are much more likely to complete their purchase if the site loads fast and are very likely to leave if it’s sluggish.

Search engines such as Google will rank your site higher if it loads quicker. In Oct 2018, Google even announced that page load speed is now a major ranking factor for all mobile search queries, which includes organic search results and even paid advertisements!

The speed of your website even affects your success BEFORE someone visits your site because slower sites are much less likely to receive traffic from search engines.

The organic (free) search results for all major search engines is heavily affected by page load times, and many sites solely depend on this type of traffic for their business.

Are you a paying advertiser with Google Ads or plan to be one in the future? Slower websites get lower Ad Scores on the Google network, and lower your ad score, the more you will pay per click for traffic or the less likely your ad will be seen.

All of this means that a slow website will have a much harder time obtaining traffic, and when they do manage to get traffic, it will be very likely to leave without buying anything.

Simply put – ALL websites, no matter their purpose, will benefit from a site that loads faster.

As if that wasn’t enough already, you really need to consider how valuable is your time?

Beyond traffic and search rankings, a slow hosting account can also have a very negative impact on the most important person in your business – YOU!

Really ask yourself if you consider your time precious and valuable?

To build, manage and update your website, you will have to work on the hosting account and the website itself.

When you have a slow hosting account, you will spend a lot of time just waiting for pages to load while you try to work – this is not only frustrating but it also a major waste of time and productivity.

We can help you overcome this problem by providing you a hosting account that is lightning fast so you will never have to waste time loading pages, plus you’ll get the search engine and traffic benefits from having a much faster site too, so be sure to keep reading this entire page.

Next, we need to discuss the dirty secrets that most of the major hosting companies hide from you – this is very important to understand for any webmaster.


Most hosting companies won’t tell you about it unless you say something to them, but they can actually block traffic from reaching your website to reduce the load on their crowded servers.

It’s called concurrent connections or processes and your hosting account has a set limit (usually 25) – anything above that limit blocks traffic. A concurrent connection is any request to your server to deliver a file.

25 concurrent connections might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. A connection is more than just someone visiting your website. In fact, one person visiting your website can easily take up 10-15 or even more of those connections!

For example, someone visits your page, so that’s one connection to request the page, but then the page will request images, CSS files, Javascript files and more to be loaded (each one takes another connection).

10-15 connections for a single page load is honestly a gross underestimate for most WordPress websites. This WordPress website loads the page itself, 41 Javascript & CSS files, and 12 images. That is a total of 54 connections for a single page load from one person!

This means that on standard shared website hosting accounts, a single visitor can result in blank images and unstyled page elements. More than one simultaneous visitor to any website on the entire hosting account will typically result in blocked traffic.

When your business depends on your site to be reachable, you really can’t afford to have traffic blocked.

Unless you pay for your own expensive dedicated server, which can easily cost $300 – $600 or more per month, you will have these limits on your hosting account. Shared hosting often costs $10 per month, WordPress hosting is $25 per month and VPS can run you $40 – $100 per month, but all three of them still have those same traffic limits!

Beyond those limits, your hosting can also prevent your success in another major way – speed.

The longer a website takes to load, the less likely you are to get good search rankings and the less likely you are to retain traffic (people close sites that take too long to load).

Shared hosting accounts are packed by the thousands onto a single server, so they typically run VERY slow compared to a dedicated server.

This knowledge is something that every website owner needs to know because it can drastically affect your business.

Most of the big name hosting companies pack thousands of shared hosting accounts onto a single server. They do this to make bigger profits, but nearly all shared hosting accounts are running on an overloaded server.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at your server yourself – Login to your cPanel and look for a link called ‘Server Information’ (usually in a bar on the left or right). Near the bottom of the Server Information page, look for ‘Server Load’ – to the right of Server Load you will see the cpu load and the total number of cpus. If the cpu load number is higher than the number of cpus stated in parenthesis, then you’re on an overloaded server.

Simply put, if your server is overloaded then your sites are running much slower than they should – slow speed can affect visitors trying to get to your site and it can even lower your search engine rankings.


With typical hosting companies, when your site runs into problems they will hold their hand out for more money to fix the problem.

Most web hosts tuck their tail between their legs when hard stuff happens on websites they host. Sure, they might reply to your email in an hour, but what is the point when they can’t actually help you solve the problem you’re having?

This leaves you to figure out how to fix the problem yourself. Even worse, most of those web hosts will try to sell you an expensive service to fix the problem or even to offer advice.

For example, when a WordPress site gets a virus, the host will suspend your site and tell you they can fix it for $300! Even though the host didn’t cause your site to get a virus, this still feels like a money trap because your site is gone if you don’t pay up.

Ultimately, it’s pretty much impossible to find a website hosting company that can do all of those things right without charging you a fortune each month.

We know all about this because we’ve been buying web hosting for more than 20 years for our business and have never really found a hosting company that is out for our best interests.

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You won’t find any hidden limits here including concurrent connection or process limits! Elsewhere, you can ONLY get this when you buy a dedicated server.

Gigabit Uplink Speed

Many hosting accounts won’t advertise their uplink speed. There are two choices – the cheap 100MB uplink or the 1000MB (1GB) gigabit uplink. We only use gigabit uplinks for the fastest possible speeds!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Just like any major hosting company, we can also offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee so you can be confident that your websites will be available and open for business.

Free DV SSL Certificates

SSL is a must these days for the best search engine rankings, plus it can help build visitor trust. You’ll get a free certificate for every domain you host with us!

Free Website Migrations

Already hosting your websites with another company but want to switch? We will handle the entire move for you and won’t charge you a penny to do it.

Free Technical Support

Most companies say they’ll give you free support but then ask for more money for complicated situations. You’ll never be asked to pay an additional fee here.

Modern Server Software

Our servers run Linux with cPanel and will offer the same features found on other cPanels. Softaculous software installer gives you instant access to 460 scripts including WordPress with automatic updates.
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